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an open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container

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Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more. Read more ->


DockerCon14, the Docker Conference

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theCUBE @theCUBE

Right now Solomon Hykes, the Founder and CTO of hot startup Docker - is in #theCUBE t...

Philippe L'Heureux @philippelh

Our staging environment at @GoCrowdMedia is now using @docker! This thing is just pure awesomeness! #docker

David Dias @daviddias

W00t!1! @docker will be at @codebits by the folks from @dockerlisbon

Chris Tarquini @chris_tarquini

I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw @docker

Nguyen Anh Tu @ngtuna11

@docker Hanoi group. Check it out!

Cand.IO @candIOcloud

Happy birthday @docker from all of us here in Toronto!

Brad Fitzpatrick @bradfitz

At @docker 1-yr bday party after hackfest w/ fellow longshoremen. Solomon + Ben giving speeches. French wine flows.

Tim Fowler @roobixx

1000th tweet was specifically to @docker. I am OK with this. You may now return to your previously scheduled lives

Jimmi Dyson @jimmidyson

Everyone I speak to about @docker gets mega excited. Can't remember a technology that has had this effect on everyone no matter their role

Shreyas Karnik @shreyu86

Ticket to @DockerCon check! Can't wait to @docker ize all things! #dockercon

Dan Kennedy @dan_b_kennedy

Focus on stability and reduce external dependencies. Those @docker devs are pros! #shipit

Guy Baconniere |+| @lordbaco

I am fan of @docker. They should sell this on their Docker Goodies Shop #docker #lxc #linux

Guido Iaquinti @guidoiaquinti

Docker #Berlin meetup @SoundCloud with @discordianfish /cc @docker

Docker Pittsburgh @DockerPGH

@docker @golubbe @killianm @Blake_Yeager As we look forward to our launch meetup this coming Monday, that meetup looks like a great model!

Guy Baconniere |+| @lordbaco

@docker should be in visionaries : Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Application Platform as a Service #Docker #PaaS

C @zsouthboy

.@docker has made me change my perspective on how stuff is deployed and assembled. That doesn't happen often. This'll be something big. Big.

R00x @R00xThomas

First tweet: here is my avatar thanks to @Soskuld. You may notice the logo @docker ;-)

HP Cloud @hpcloud

Do you know @docker? Some basics from #HPCloud

Dan Kennedy @dan_b_kennedy

10K stars on Github – Thank you! | Docker Blog < Not surprised at all. They're changing the game. Way to go @docker!

#MayorOfBoulder @blairanderson

building a docker image for reaveal.js

Steve Wylie @swylie650

The amazing Cloud Connect speaker line-up continues: Welcome Ben Golub (@golubbe ), CEO @docker #ccevent

Julien Fortin @Julien_Fortin

I won a @Docker shirt :) #DevOps

Mediafly @Mediafly

We are happy to welcome & host the next Chicago @docker meetup on Wednesday, March 12th! Click the link to register:

Sascha Reuter @sreuter

I just pushed #dockship 0.3.0 to npm, directly from @docker HQ :-) Adds option to attach to process output + makes things more "app-aware" !

Ansible @ansible

Well hey @docker! How are ya'? Seems like we have some friends in common, such as @gerhardlazu... who wrote this:

Brad Rydzewski @bradrydzewski

65% speed increase pulling large images from the index. props to the @docker team. keep up the good work!

dockboard @dockboardorg

@docker we are very happy to receive T-shirts and sticks. Thanks for the support.

RelateIQ @relateiq

We'd like to take a moment to send some love to @docker because their tool helps power our awesomeness.

Kevin Ingersoll @kingersoll

Docker t-shirts and stickers arrived today for our NZ meetups. @norbu09 is already enjoying his. Thanks @docker!

Karl Grzeszczak @karl_grz

The first Chicago @docker was awesome! Great conversations and good people. I look forward to the next one!

Docker @docker

Introducing @docker 0.8 with a focus on quality, new builder features, BTRFS and OSX support

Christian Hernandez @christianh814

The more and more I play with @docker …the more I like it!

İlim Uğur @ilimugur

@Docker makes me wanna learn Go, just to be able to contribute to it.

Matt Fisher @bacongobbler

@brentsmi @ActiveState hah! cc @docker

Adallom @Adallom

@docker congratulations! very cool tech. Couldn't have chosen a cooler company to share an article with!

TechCrunch @TechCrunch

Docker Raises $15M For Its Open-Source Platform That Helps Developers Build Apps In The Cloud by

Latest updates

April 15, 2014

Docker + Red Hat = Even More Goodness

Today at the Red Hat Summit we’re excited to announce several initiatives that, thanks to everyone’s efforts, are ready to see the light of day Read more ->

April 8, 2014

Docker 0.10: Quality and Ops tooling

This release is the next step on the road to Docker 1.0 with a dominant focus on quality and improving ops tooling. Read more ->

March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Docker!

It’s been a year now since Docker was launched. Solomon Hykes, first demoed it during PyCon 2013, it then leaked on Hacker News, and several days later Docker was officially launched and open sourced. Happy First Birthday! Read more ->

March 19, 2014

Introducing Docker Private Repos, Webhooks and More

With this release, we aspired to provide services to help users share repos with others, drill-down into repo contents, and automate and link workflows. Read more ->

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Docker with OpenStack at EMC Rocky Hill

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